Ambassador News

The past few months have been a little quieter than usual in the Ambassador Program, likely a consequence of the hectic lead up to the end of the year combined with ongoing disruptions to work life and meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Regardless, we have seen a number of promotional, networking and training activities including the completion of the Blue Think conference led by Dr. Rodrigo Costa, our Ambassador in Portugal, and two computational biology workshops for metagenomic analysis run by Prof. Rup Lal, our Ambassador in India.  We have also supported a number of initiatives for 2021 including workshops on ‘Phylogenomics’ in Costa Rica, ‘Amplicon and Metagenomic Sequencing’ in South Africa and an ISME regional meeting in Africa scheduled for August 2021.

Member​s, the ISME Ambassador program exists to help our diverse membership grow the field of microbial ecology and expand the reach of ISME globally. Please take a moment to check out the activities on the ISME website and familiarise yourself with the Ambassador for your region, as the first point of contact for ISME support of local initiatives

We thank the Ambassadors for their efforts throughout 2020 and wish you all the very best for 2021.